Dr. Fischer’s Top Picks
Products That Are Essential to Every Dental Office
“We offer many excellent products at Ultradent, but there are some that I believe are truly essential to every dental practice. These are my top four picks for the products every office should have on hand.”
—Dr. Dan Fischer, DDS (Founder and CEO of Ultradent)
Dr. Fischer Standing next to a dental chair smiling
Astringedent X Profound Hemostatis logo
1. Astringedent® X Hemostatic
Every dental office in the world should have Astringedent X hemostatic and apply it with the Dento-Infusor® tip. This will stop bleeding more rapidly and completely than any other hemostatic. Applying Astringedent X hemostatic from the syringe and rubbing it into the cut, bleeding tissues with the Dento-Infusor tip is like turbocharging hemostasis.
Astringedent X Available in Bottles and Syringes
Opalescence Go Packaging with a individual whitening tray
2. Opalescence Go® Prefilled Whitening Trays
There is no other product available for take-home whitening that is like our Opalescence Go trays. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and convenient for the patients, and they’re reliable for the doctors. Plus, they require no impressions, models, or custom trays.
Opalescence Go Logo - Professional Teeth Whitening
Peak logo - Universal Adhesive System
3. Peak® Universal Bond Adhesive
Peak Universal Bond adhesive is head and shoulders above competitors, with high bond strengths. In this modern era of adhesive dentistry, a product that creates strong, reliable bonds is essential.
Peak Available in Syringes and Bottles
VALO curing light available in multiple colors
4. VALO® Broadband LED Curing Light
Curing lights can vary immensely from brand to brand. The VALO curing light is extremely powerful and works on multiple wavelengths, and the new VALO® Grand light has a large enough lens to cure an MOD on a molar in one shot! It has a low profile, which is necessary for curing posterior tooth restorations, and its ruggedness is simply the best.
Valo LED curing light logo
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