40 Years of Stories

We talked to three longtime Ultradent employees, Fabio Fowler, Phyllis Thibodeau, and Pauline La Combe. Read their stories about working at Ultradent Products Inc.

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Learn more about the mural created by Whitney Jones

The Utah Mural

When you walk into Ultradent Headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, you are greeted by a 48-foot-long mural of Utah’s natural landscapes. Read the story of the artist, Whitney Jones, and how he created the mural.

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Dr. Fischer next to Arches with 40yr logo

Ultradent Then and Now:

Dr. Dan Fischer, Founder and CEO of Ultradent Products Inc., looks back on the 40 years since he started his company. Learn just how Ultradent started and the stories behind some of your favorite Ultradent products!

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