Our next generation Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis equipment family feature an ergonomic handpiece, innovative prophy angle cup designs, and splatter-free prophy pastes. This family of products offers a powerful, comfortable, and effective solution to all your polishing needs.

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Ultrapro Tx Air

  • Ergonomic shaped for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight (2.2 oz) to reduce hand and arm fatigue
  • 360° swivel for easy rotation
  • Soft-start motor to minimize splatter
  • Vibration-free design to maximize comfort
  • Cleans effectively at a maximum speed of 4,000 RPMs
  • Universal E-type motor for multifunctionality
  • Compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles
  • 3 color options available
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Ultrapro® Tx disposable prophy angles are innovative, effective, and comfortable to use. They feature smooth, quiet gears and an ergonomic design so that both you and your patient will have a comfortable experience. With an advanced cup design both inside and out, the extra and skini angles are built to clean better than ever.

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Ultrapro Tx disposalbve prophy angles
  • Innovative cup design for reduced splatter and efficient cleaning
  • Internal blades designed to reduce splatter (extra and skini angles)
  • Outer ridges for improved interproximal cleaning (extra and skini angles)
  • Designed for better access and improved visibility, with 20% shorter head and 25% slimmer neck (skini angle)
  • Available in right angle or contra angle design (extra and skini angles)
  • All designs feature optimal flare
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Available in soft or firm cup designs
  • Skini angle is sterile to minimize risk of infection
Ultrapro Tx Angle extra

Ultrapro® Tx prophy paste and Ultrapro® Tx Pure prophy paste perfectly round out all your cleaning needs. Splatter free and easy to rinse, they provide a comfortable cleaning experience. With a variety of flavors to choose from, Ultrapro Tx prophy pastes will impress your patients with their great taste and leave them looking forward to their next visit.

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Ultrapro Tx Prophy Paste Ultrapro Tx Prophy Paste pure