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Patients will love the clear and smooth texture of Enamelast™ fluoride varnish, now in a flavor-free option. It has a hint of sweetness that disappears in minutes. They'll go about their day without thinking about the sensitivity relief and fluoride uptake that’s benefiting their smile.


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Benefits of Fluoride Varnish:

Patented adhesion

Enamelast varnish features a patented adhesion- promoting agent that enhances retention, which means your patients can receive the full benefits of the varnish.

Smooth Texture

The smooth feel of Enamelast varnish will make your patients want to leave it in place.


Enamelast varnish is nearly invisible on the tooth.

Superior fluoride uptake and release

Fluoride uptake chart
Fluoride Release chart

1. Schemerhorn BR. Sound enamel fluoride uptake from a fluoride varnish. 2013. Data on file. 2. Data on file.

Want all these benefits AND a flavor-free experience?

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Let Patients Decide Which Flavor Speaks to Them

Everyone prefers a menu of flavors. After all, moods can change on any given day. Patients who hear from these choices will anticipate their next appointment with pleasure. And you’ll know that the patented adhesion, clear appearance, and smooth finish will help them keep the varnish on for longer.


A little taste of the United States. If you’re a fun-loving modern mad hatter, this flavor is just the ticket. You’ll be swept right back into summer days of baseball and roller coasters. Go ahead, pop some on!


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Enamelast Bubblegum Image
Enamelast Caramel Image

Drizzled over an apple, wrapped in wax paper straight from the stove, or melting a frozen treat, this is decadence. Visions of autumn will dance through your head, as well as ice cream sundaes. Because you love an indulgence any time of year.


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Even as a tyke, you always felt that less was more. You’d rather have a subtle sweetness that gives you a clean feeling, and then taste your lunch just minutes later. You want to forget you even went to the dentist a half hour ago. You live in the moment and love it.


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Enamelast Cool Mint Image
Cool Mint

It freshens your breath and satisfies your taste buds. It’s the best of both worlds, because you are a two-in-one package! Whether an after-dinner treat or a winter wonderland staple, you’re a favorite anytime, anywhere.


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Do you sport a bold color that wows? Are you fearless with new things and love a rich sweetness? Do you want that sweetness to be one thing and everything? This berry is just that. Exactly what you want it to be.


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Enamelast Orange Image
Orange Cream

This is the dream mix of citrus and vanilla. You want layers to your flavor experience. You enjoy a thoughtful yet minimalistic approach. Why re-invent the wheel? You're confident and charismatic, so love yourself for who you are. And your smile shows it.


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