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We are now offering a full line of strips and saws! Jiffy strips and saws are made of stainless steel to resist breaking, offer a perforated design to assist in debris removal, and are thin and flexible to provide an optimal finish. They are autoclavable and have a diamond-free zone for easy insertion between teeth.


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Color-Coded by Grit
Perforated Design
Diamond-Free Insertion Area
Constructed of Stainless Steel

Don’t Shortcut Your Finish

As a dentist, you spend time and effort crafting quality, natural-looking restorations. But if an incorrect or inferior finishing adjuster or polisher is used, the integrity of your restoration can be compromised.


Jiffy Universal Ceramic Polishing System is a finishing solution in which all adjusters and polishers work interchangeably on porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia.

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Ultradent’s Jiffy Composite Finishing Line provides a complete, quality solution that allows for excellent contouring, finishing, and polishing any composite material.

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