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Smiles are important right now, and we still hear about many people wanting to keep their smiles bright. We want to help you provide your patients with the tooth whitening products they need while keeping as much money as possible in your office. Since take-home whitening treatments are a great way to build your business while still maintaining social distancing, we are offering 40% off our Opalescence whitening products. We hope that this will help give you the opportunity to reach out to as many of your patients as possible during this time.


Opalescence™ PF

Take-Home Whitening

Opalescence PF whitening is used in custom trays made for your patient. The sticky, viscous gel won’t migrate to soft tissues and ensures the tray stays securely in place. It is available in five different concentrations and Mint, Melon, and Regular flavors so you can choose the best whitening treatment for your patient. The refill kits are a great way to keep your patients whitening their teeth without having to come into the office.

Applicable SKUs: 5376-US, 5361-US, 5391-US, 5380-US, 5365-US, 5395-US, 5379-US, 5364-US, 5394-US, 5381-US, 5366-US, 5396-US, 5378-US, 5363-US, 5393-US, 5383-US, 5368-US, 5398-US, 5382-US, 5367-US, 5397-US, 5384-US, 5369-US, 5399-US, 5386-US, 5371-US, 5401-US, 5385-US, 5370-US, 5400-US, 5387-US, 5372-US, 5402-US, 5389-US, 5374-US, 5404-US, 5388-US, 5373-US, 5403-US, 5390-US, 5375-US, 5405-US. Limit 10 of each SKU per order. Valid until 7/31/2020.


Opalescence Go™

Whitening Trays

Opalescence Go whitening trays feature our innovative UltraFit™ trays which easily conforms to any patient’s smile to give a comfortable fit. The convenient trays can be worn right out of the package, so your patients can whiten whenever they want without chair time! It is available in 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide concentrations and Mint and Melon flavors.

Applicable SKUs: 4646-US, 4631-US, 4636-US, 4890-US, 4645-US, 4630-US, 4635-US, 4893-US, 4648-US, 4633-US, 4638-US, 4894-US, 5358-US, 5357-US, 5359-US. Limit 10 of each SKU per order. Valid until 7/31/2020.


Opalescence™ Boost™

In-Office Whitening

If you’d like to stock up on in-office whitening treatments for when you are able to see whitening patients in your office, we are also offering 40% off our Opalescence Boost whitening. It is applied in-office and gives patients a brighter smile in about an hour. It’s great for patients who want to see immediate results.

Applicable SKUs: 4754-US, 4750-US, 4751-US. Limit 10 of each SKU per order. Valid until 7/31/2020

Selling Opalescence Whitening to Patients During the Shutdown

Using this Promo to Help Your Practice

Assisting Patients

  • You could pass the 40% savings on to your patients. This would give them something to smile about, build goodwill within the community, keep current patients engaged with their oral health, and help bring in new patients.
  • If you sell an Opalescence Go whitening kit for $75, you will have roughly $50 profit for your office.

Assisting Staff

  • You could pledge the profits from your Opalescence Go whitening sales to help affected staff members
  • If you continue to sell Opalescence Go whitening kits at $75, this discount would give you a profit of roughly $50 per kit
  • Selling two kits per day for 90 days with a $50 profit would equal about $9,000 to help your staff

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