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You’ve heard from us that Opalescence™ whitening is a global brand, and we have our #1 customers to thank for it. There’s a reason all our customers around the world love Opalescence whitening.

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more studies, articles, and reviews

The Most Studied and Tested Whitening Brand

More clinical studies, articles, and reviews have been published on Opalescence whitening than any other professional whitening brand. It’s part of the reason why it’s so highly trusted.


million smiles brightened

People First and Planet Friendly

Our variety of whitening options make it easy to design a customized treatment for any patient’s lifestyle. The high water content helps to prevent dehydration and shade relapse—so your patient will trust the results. The pleasant flavors also help to encourage patients to finish their whitening regimen.

In an effort to reduce our footprint, Opalescence whitening packaging has been designed to be recyclable; and made with recycled materials whenever possible.


years of experience

The Most Innovative Whitening Brand

We hold more patents than any other professional teeth whitening brand. Dr. Dan Fischer, a noted advocate of preventative dentistry, innovated a thick (yet hydrated) gel that optimizes the whitening effect. A pH-balanced water-based gel improves patient comfort by reducing sensitivity during whitening. It’s where the Opalescence whitening brand started and is used in some of our most popular products.


countries carry our

The Most Experience With the Widest Reach

Since 1990, over 100 million people have whitened their smiles with Opalescence whitening products, which are currently sold in more than 125 countries.


awards in whitening

A Recognized, Awarded, and Trusted Whitening Brand

Opalescence whitening products have earned 50+ industry awards from highly respected dental organizations.

Opalescence™ PF whitening

The most customizable of our whitening options. Use Opalescence PF whitening with custom trays made by your dentist for a personalized whitening solution day or night. There's even an option for use with your orthodontic aligners.

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Opalescence Go™ whitening

It’s a portable, quick application. You pop in the UltraFit™ tray for the directed time and then brush afterward. The tray gets thrown away and you pop in a new one next time! You can keep it anywhere there’s a fridge and a toothbrush.

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Opalescence™ Boost™
in-office whitening

This miraculous product is so potent, it still needs to be applied by your dentist. It’s worth mentioning here because it’s an excellent option for fast, powerful teeth whitening. Think of it as a boost to start your whitening experience. Complete your whitening treatment with an Opalescence whitening take-home option.

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Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste

Did you know that foods and other factors can cause surface stains on your teeth? A safe, everyday whitening toothpaste gently scrubs away surface stains and helps maintain a healthy smile. Achieve the best results by using toothpaste in tandem with our other whitening products which work to whiten below the surface.

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